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Standards and Guidelines

The U.S. Government (and related entities, such as NATO) has been a significant force in the development of standards, but the standards developed for government contracts have traditionally been complex and demanded significantly more paperwork than most commercial companies found reasonable.

Regulatory agencies, such as the FDA, FAA, EPA, etc, also have had a substantial influence on the evolution of standards and PLM-related practices. If you are in a regulated industry, you should contact the regulating agency regarding the most recent rules and regulations.

Industry standards are generally not as prescriptive as the government standards that they replace. Instead, they are performance-based and look for a particular outcome, leaving the individual company to decide how best to accomplish the stated objectives.

ANSI/ASME Codes and Standards

DoD Standards

Government and Regulatory Standards and Guidelines (FDA)

Industry Standards and Guidelines

ISO Standards

MIL Standards

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