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Business Problems PLM Can Solve

Typical business problems PLM can solve include:

Innovation/New Product Development:

  • Bringing new products to market takes too long
  • The product development pipeline is too small or nonexistent
  • Undesirable mix between new and established products (Stars and Cash Cows)
  • Not enough revenue generated from new products
  • New product development projects are often over budget and over schedule
  • Little or no visibility over status of new product development projects

Change Management:

  • It takes a long time to process change orders through the organization
  • Many people have to sign off on change orders
  • Difficulty determining the impact of changes on products, documents, manufacturing procedures and production equipment
  • Affected parties (internal, customers, suppliers, etc) are not notified of changes

Information and Intellectual Property Management:

  • Difficulty to search, access and retrieve existing information
  • Little or no re-use of existing information and parts
  • Significant effort to re-create documents and drawings that cannot be found
  • Little information security
  • No or little protection of intellectual capital


  • High cost and large effort to meet and adhere to all regulatory and environmental rules and requirements (SOX, FDA, EPA, ISO, ITAR, RoHS, REACH, WEEE, ELV, etc.)
  • Difficulty to keep track of and meet all the different international regulations (US, EU, Japan, etc)
  • Large effort to prepare for audits
  • Risk of non-compliance
  • Product redesign and changes to meet regulatory requirements
  • Large effort to determine all materials used in a product

Business Inefficiency:

  • Redundant or duplicate parts and resulting excess inventory
  • Spend significant time and effort to re-enter data in various systems
  • Spend significant time and effort to distribute information internally and externally
  • Need significant space to storage paper files and documents
  • Large paper consumption for printing and copying
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