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Our PLM Library includes a large selection of hand-picked PLM-related books, articles, magazines, white papers, DVDs, industry standards and much more. If you are looking for good PLM-related literature, you will find it here. And because the PLM Technology Guide is an official member of associates, you can buy many of the featured books directly and securely at at favorable prices. Simply hover with your mouse pointer over the desired book title or image to get more detailed information and to purchase the book. Enjoy!

PLM Books
Books specifically about the topic of PLM. Books about related topics, including innovation, product development, process re-engineering, configuration management, change management, etc. can be found under the link Related Topics below.

PLM Articles
Individual articles published in industry publications and periodicals

PLM Magazines and E-zines
Subscriptions to paper-based, online and email periodicals

PLM Reports and White Papers
Detailed industry analyst and vendor reports around PLM

PLM Multimedia
DVDs, videos and online multimedia content

Related Topics
Innovation, Product Development, Process Reengineering, Configuration Management, Change Management, etc.

Standards and Guidelines
Standards and Guidelines affecting PLM, including ASME, DoD, FDA, ISO, MIL, etc

PLM Encyclopedia
A reference source of useful PLM-related terms and abbreviations.

Other Useful Links and Resources
More information about PLM on the web

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