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PLM Teamcenter job


11:15 am
December 5, 2016


New Member

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This is 1 year contract position in Plymouth, MI

Here is the JD:

Teamcenter PLM developer with 6-8 years of experience on the following areas:

-          BMIDE Configuration

-          Workflow Designer

-          TC Configuration (e.g. Preferences / Style Sheets)

-          Access Manager

-          Server Customization (including ITK)

-          SOA Customization

-          TCIC/NX Manager

-          CATIA Configuration/Scripting

-          NX Configuration/Customization

-          Data Migration (IPS / PLMXML) 

 Other skills

Good communication written and verbal.

Team player and collaborative.

Exposure to working in a global environment ( Europe,  NA and AP - India, China).

Need for 10 PLM developers for 4 to 6 months.

TC 11 experience is a big plus.

If you are interested or would like to refer anyone please contact Olga at 732-910-6552


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