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Aras PLM


12:32 am
February 8, 2017

New Member

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Hi eveybody,

I am Sathishkumar C.

I want know about Aras PLM installation hardware requirements. Interms of RAM and Processor (Dual core or Quad Core).

Currently i have a system Dual core and 4 GB RAM. Can i Install Aras with this specifications?

My requirement from Aras is:

  1. I want install Development Server from Aras. I don’t know the exact system requirement.
  2. Less than 20 users will use the Aras in my Startup company.
  3. How was the environment (Development server – Aras) will be? I don’t have that much knowledge in programming.
  4. What are the limitations and advantages with development server?
  5. If i installed Aras in my system, how can i define a each user of  my company?
  6. Can access via Aras from outside from the company? Or within the company (LAN) ? How it will  be connected?

Please give me a reply.

Thank you in advance.

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