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PLM & Document Control


12:52 am
February 22, 2011

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Seeking a Functional PLM Analyst / Administrator / Implementer Role

San Jose, CA Area. Full time or Contract.

PLM industry knowledge and hands on experience with assessing, designing, and implementing product life cycle management processes. Experienced with many different aspects of product life-cycle management, including document, data, design, and quality controls. Experienced with cross-functional and multi divisional PLM system implementations. Specialize in establishing good business practices with proven effective PLM processes.

21 years in High Tech, 17 years on cross-functional teams, 14 years in project management. 14 successful Product Life Cycle Management (PLM) implementations completed to date. Founder & Administrator of Western Regional Agile User's Group (WRAU). Specialize in integrating NPI processes with down stream supply chain systems using PLM. Experienced as project implementation lead, PLM trainer, PLM consultant, PLM administration.


Agile:PC v9.2.2.3, Agile PQM (QMS) v9.2.1 
Arena Solutions PLM
Autodesk: Vault PDM, Product Stream PLM, Streamline/ BuzzSaw, Omnify PLM

Please contact me at
Bradley Persson
Bradley Persson Consulting - Campbell, CA, 95008

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