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Trouble with our PLM system


2:44 am
September 3, 2017


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we implemented a web-based PLM system in our Start-Up company which mainly deals with electronical R&D and creating Ref design portfolios for customers. 

As such, we wanted our PLM to support our sent-out ref designs, but the main issue we've encountered is that different revisions of an item (assemblies and commponents alike) can't co-exist - meaning there can only be one effective revision per item at a time.

in other words - if I have an item which appears in different assemblies, that appearance of the item in the BOM acts as a pointer to the original item itself, which means any changes made to the origin is reflected in all of the BOMs it appears in - So far so good. 

But, what do we do when we need a certain revision of the item in one BOM, and a different revision of the item in another - how can we manage this?

for example:
project X's Top Assy has revision A of an item, and project Y's Top Assy has revision B of the same item - this can't be managed properly in our system… 

they only way to make this happen is to create a duplicate for the item - which sounds easy enough, but we'd have to do it for all the items appearing in diiferent levels of a Top Level Prodcut

- all too manaul for a smart system… 

Is this requirement of a PLM system too much and we're exaggerating in our demand? 

please comment, 



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