Top PLM Vendors

PLM Overview

What is PLM?
A definition of PLM and its value and benefits.

PLM Market
An overview of the PLM market.

PLM Scope
A clear definition of what is included in PLM and what is not.

Benefits of PLM
How to determine the quantitative and qualitative benefits and the ROI of PLM.

The Cost of PLM
What you need for a complete PLM solution, what it costs and what it is dependent on.

PLM Vendors
A comprehensive alphabetical list of PLM software vendors, service providers, consultants and system integrators.

PLM Systems
A comprehensive alphabetical list of available PLM systems.

PLM Genealogy
The history and development of various PLM systems available today.

PLM Library
Books, Magazines, Articles, Reports, White Papers, DVDs, Videos, etc. Everything there is to read, hear and watch about PLM.

PLM Encyclopedia
A reference source of useful PLM-related terms and abbreviations.

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