Who should own PLM? Engineering, IT, or someone else?

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) is an important part of product development and management in any organization. It involves managing all the data, processes, and activities related to the product throughout its life cycle, from ideation to end of life. As a result, it’s critical to identify the right person, team or department to own PLM READ MORE

Practical Applications of AI in Product Development and Manufacturing – Are we there yet?

Since ChatGPT thrust artificial intelligence (AI) into the public domain and greater awareness a few months ago, there have been many discussions about the practical applications of AI and the impact on jobs and businesses. I mean it’s fun to throw questions at ChatGPT and marvel at the quality of the answers, but playing with READ MORE

An Integrated Approach to Configuration Management

By Andreas Lindenthal and Henrik Hulgaard When we talk about product configuration we need to distinguish between engineering configuration and sales configuration. Generally engineering defines all the variants, options, alternates and rules that are technically possible. This is often done in a PLM system during the development of the product. Sales or product management then READ MORE